Thursday, March 17, 2011

The adventure begins

Blog post # 7
           Sorry it took me so long to get started.  Are you ready?  Here we go… I’ll try to figure out the supper menu when Kent has no meal ideas left.  Kent will likely be preparing most supper, as some tasks take me so long we’d never eat!!,  And please, be ready to offer your own suggestions and favourites or comments I’d love to have them, not just for help in the decision-making department, but to get a sense of what you all are eating and what new  trends are developing, which will be important when I win the competition to have my own cooking show on the Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star” some time in the not-too-distant future.  Also, I’ve made initial steps to have British super-chef, Jamie Oliver, to bring his “Food Revolution” to Canada.  His “revolution” has been wildly popular and well accepted in both Britain and the USA.  I’m sure you will all agree there is need for it in this country as obesity and cases of diabetes continue to rise. I’ll get it started and all who are with me, connect with Jamie’s Food Revolution website to express your support.
Kent came in from the freezer (not the Nova Scotian outdoor freezer, but the conventional domestic kind) with a ham (my favourite kind of meat) and suggested ham and scalloped potatoes , one of my absolute fave meals. So, tomorrow’s supper is a complete no-brainer. Ham, scalloped potatoes and baked beans, some leftovers and a new entry.
I do baked beans in my slow -cooker, cleanup is much simpler, as is preparation. For those who don’t use a slow-cooker, my method should work for your recipe too - just as long as you put all your ingredients in and cover with water, It is also important to cook them on low overnight (it will have you wondering why you haven’t been doing it this way all along!! Who knew??
This version I overheard from my floor-mate from the Digby Restorative Unit, Aubrey Joudrey, who is diabetic. This version, has much less sugar in it, compared to our regular version (thought I’d give credit where credit is due).
Combine four(4) slices of chopped bacon in slow cooker pot with two (2)cans of condensed tomato soup , undiluted, ½ pound of dried beans (your choice, but we use pea or navy beans), two small onions coarsely chopped or sliced ,about two tablespoons each of prepared mustard and molasses - eyeball it, I do that with most recipes (you get better at it with practice…the eyeballing measurements I mean - two big squirts of ketchup, or about 1/8 cup stir it all well and add two cans of water (just to clean out the cans).  Be sure everything is completely covered and mixed up well.  I just turn it on  low.  I start this process at about 5:30 the evening  before and leave it on be till the next night’s supper, check it once and add more water to cover the lot, replace lid and leave  until time to serve… ENJOY!                                                                               
Stay healthy and safe!                                                                                                               

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