Monday, March 21, 2011


Blog Post # 10
BIG BREAKTHROUGH TO SHARE!!!! My friend of whom I spoke in an earlier post (who also spent some lonely time in rehab) is now eating vegetables of his own accord.  I can’t begin to tell you of the heated discussions we would have on the subject,. But I WON.  And not just your regular veggies that any youngster would eat, but, Brussels sprouts AND turnip!  Big congrats, Bob!  I’m really proud of you!
I’ve been keeping a food diary for years now, and have been adding notes to each entry since I started this blog, so that I can share the total experience with you, without leaving significant details out of the picture.
“Any ideas for super tonight?  I’m drawing a blank,” This is a familiar refrain in our home.  Kent is once again stumped for supper menu choices.  How about cheeseburgers, I reply.  So much for the slight vegetarian in me cheeseburgers it will be.  I love it when Kent makes burgers. He mixes in finely chopped green peppers, mushrooms, onion, pickle and chili sauce. They are really juicy and flavourful.  The only thing missing is whole wheat buns, very hard to get this time of year in our town.  But, as usual, the meal, complete with oven-cooked fries (we can get McCain’s low-fat fries here and they’re great, because they crisp up in the oven so nicely)! All this accompanied by a fresh garden salad (have you ever noticed how you can only get Thousand Island Dressing in the small bottle?  No family sizing there!!  No matter the brand, that particular kind only comes in small).
Stay healthy and safe!

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