Friday, December 31, 2010

'Tis the season


            It’s that time of year, again, holiday festivities are soon coming to a close. Only a couple few days left to transform normally sane humans into raving shopping maniacs.(for that Boxing week sale thing). The beginning of the holidays are consumed with trying to find the right gift for that someone special. Then there’s the holiday dinner,
            What’s with this turkey thing anyway? I know, I know, It’s tradition and has been for centuries (if you believe that Dickens fellow).
            We cook an inappropriately large bird for one dinner, then, in a concerted and dedicated effort, we join family members in trying to get rid of the heaps of turkey leftovers
To my  liking, a nice crown roast of lamb would be just as appropriate or?… about a prime rib roast?  Not that I have anything against poultry. My tastes would see Old Tom hit the hit the highway in favour of other selections The best part of the entire turkey dinner in my opinion, is the dressing, cranberry sauce and gravy, all of which can be had without our famous winged friend.
          Am I alone in this??

          Those of you who know me will appreciate that I’m speaking as the foodie in me, No matter how you “slice” it, I’m addicted to epicurean delights, even though my roots are found in very homey, simple, back-to-the-land places.
           However, I’ve always been like that, I can walk into a vehicle showroom  or exclusive designer dress shop (I must tell you  that story some time) and, just like a magnet, I’m drawn to the most expensive one… (This, even as a child).  My cookbook collection takes up a good portion of our kitchen and, thanks to a generous friend, includes Julia Child’s first cookbook. Foodie magazines can be found almost anywhere you look in the house, even the guest room .Just in case a fellow gourmand stays over. And, the television is permanently tuned to the food network.
          I wonder now how much back paddling I’ll be doing after this post. I just hope I haven’t offended any one, except, of course ole Tom.  
Stay healthy and safe!

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