Sunday, May 26, 2013


              Okay it’s a weighty subject, I know!  'Course, I guess I really don’t know if I want to magnify it too much.
            Mine is a fairly basic existence, usually with a whole lot of fun mixed in for variety       Mostly my days revolve around how best to work at recovery from this stroke thing!! Some Wii Fit, some walking, some T-Tapp routines, which I indulged in plenty before the stroke. On days I feel energetic, I get some cooking in.
            One day last week, I set out to make a favourite of mine and Kent’s – Pastitsio – a sort of Greek Lasagna, but, we were out of shredded Parmesan and didn’t have quite enough Mozarella, if I wanted our usual homemade Pizza on Friday; ‘No problem’,  you say?  Just hop on the car and get some… uh huh… somebody has decided I can’t have a driver’s license as yet, Well, I did what I do everyday, every time I hit a bit of a stumbling block, I improvise, We had Macaroni bake  with  Pastitsio sauce. It was good, but, could have used a generous dose of feta stirred in, but, then again, we were out of that, too.  Guess who’s not grocery shopping anymore?  No problem, if you didn’t know it was missing you’d probably never have known!
            I’m on a big Mediterranean” kick these days … referred to by one yogurt company as “the Mediterranean Art of living”—time for family and friends enjoying each others’ company around a table with good food ( my definition is good-for-you food, so another day recently I made a Mediterranean seafood stew complete with Basa filets…  No, not Haddock!! (any white fish would work, that was just the white fish I had on hand), Salmon and Jumbo Shrimp with plenty of tomatoes, onions and Fennel) It was also very delish
            Hmmmmmm, I’m feeling a Lamb dinner in the making, maybe on the barbecue… Just gotta get some lamb.
            But for now, it’s Friday night Pizza night… Kent’s homemade pizza is in the oven and smellin’ gooood. For dessert, I’ve made Mom’s gingerbread with my “added extra”—Fresh Pineapple Vanilla Sauce and whipped cream
            So here’s the “whole lot of fun”  part for today’s ordinary existence… my treasured 1938 Hamilton Beach stainless steel stand mixer has started to break down, electrical burning smell coming from it!   AND my Kitchen Aid stand mixer was havin’ trouble today, too – Kent was quick to remind me that the Hamilton Beach IS, after all, 75 years old!  I don’t think number of years should matter.  Well, at any rate, Kent has a project on his hands for the weekend.
            Of course, I’m no different than most people, Just tryin’ to get by the best I can under not-the-best circumstances Some days are better than others, but overall, I love life and am thankful for what I DO have. My husband my family . Then, there’s all of you, who take the time out of your day to read my musings. I want to thank you all. You’ all played  a large part in this traveling show called my life and have done much for my recovery by allowing me into your lives – Thank you all so much!!
Stay healthy and safe!

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  1. Nice to see you have picked up your pen again, or should I say keyboard. I love reading your blogs. Keep smiling!