Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changing tastes

 It’s strange how tastes change (or remain the same) with time (or age?)
             Of late it’s becoming more difficult every day to decide what to have for supper (or dinner, however one refers to it). Tonight was one of my all time favourites  – Liver & onions… I loved this dish as a young child, and was not very popular with my sister when this choice was presented , as she hated every aspect of the meal.  I, on the other hand, would choose this option first when offered a choice . I had, however, never heard of liver gravy before I had met my husband, but enjoy it immensely ( knowing, too, it is low in fat).
             As seems to be a common case, my taste for liver has changed over time I, now, prefer my liver to be cooked about medium, whereas, when I was younger, I loved it cooked very well.
It’s the same with fried eggs. When, at seven years of age, my father had me standing on a kitchen chair learning to cook fried eggs, they had to be cooked WELL, actually beyond recognition. My palate has “grown up” since then, in a lot of ways, it seems.
However, a more refined palate seems to do little to answer the daily question:  ”What shall we have for supper?”
As most who know Kent and I will agree, we eat very healthfully.  We try conscientiously to do so.

And our indecision isn’t for lack of food in the cupboards and freezer. We are likely as well stocked as a grocery store, with a wide variety of food items, making healthy eating relatively simple… if one could just make a decision!
Stay healthy and safe!


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Your post made me think of lots of food related incidents in my life.
    People sure seem to have strong feelings about liver. Like your sister, I never could bring myself to eat liver, although I always loved the smell of it cooking. When we lived in Louisiana, my husband and two friends of his used to drive a couple of hours each way to have liver at a particular place they favoured. I can't think of many things that would prompt him to do that!
    As many things as I grew to love, there are many that I thankfully outgrew - like eating sweetened condensed milk from the can!
    It would be fun to hear from your readers which food preferences they grew into and which ones they outgrew!
    One love,

  2. Hi Sandra I am not doing so well at sending these. Have tried 3 times and does not look to me as if you have received one yet. This is just a test on my part. Sincerely
    Harriet Parker

  3. Hi Sandra Well that seemed to finally go through. I am glad as I want you to know how much I love your blogs. Looking forward to the next one. Elizabeth tells me how much she looks forward to her visits with you and I am hoping to do that someday myself . In the meantime I will wait for your blogs and get to know you through them. Keep up the great work.
    Take Care Harriet Parker Owen Sound Ontario

  4. Hi, Sandra - well, your reference to liver and onions sure got my attention! My Mom used to prepare liver and bacon very often when my brother and I were growing up. I have never prepared it in my adult life, nor would I ever order liver in a restaurant. However, if it were placed in front of me, I would be polite, and try to eat some of it. My Dad always made breakfast and we looked forward to one of his specialties - fried kidneys. Yuck! I wouldn't even be polite here, just can't do it! I see you like to collect recipes - if I can figure out how to attach them to your blog I'll send some of my favorites to you.

  5. Thanks for your message, Sandra, forwarded to me by Lisbie. It reminded me to mention that we also had smoked kippers for breakfast, once again prepared by my dad.....not sure where the odd breakfast habits came from since our British connection was generations ago! When I was about 12 years old I remember eating kippers for breakfast for the last time. It was hours later, after school, when during a piano lesson my music teacher suddenly called to her sister in the kitchen, wanting to know if she was cooking fish for supper! How embarassing, at this impressionable age, to find out that I had smelled like a smoked kipper all day! I'm having a good chuckle thinking back to that day!

  6. Hi Sandra: I enjoyed your latest entry. I am glad to see you have continued what has always been your special talent, being able to put your thoughts into writing, and also your ability to overcome adversity and to reach out to help others.
    It would be great if you could go to the Rehab Centre later on to help the people who are lonely , I'm sure, you could be a good help to them with your natural ability to overcome obstacles and to see the silver lining in any situation.

    I too, love liver and onions, although as a child I refused to eat it. My all time favorite meal now is Corned Beef and Cabbage, but until we lived in Newfoundland I would not have eatten it and didn't know what I was missing.
    Keep up your writing and I will keep reading. It was good to see you last week and have a chat. Please count on Jim and I to be part of your ongoing support group in your rehabilitation and we are blessed to count you are a friend. Judy Gushue