Sunday, April 13, 2014


Dear Friends,

As my writing business kicks into gear, I have found that a new platform for my writing has become necessary, which is my way of introducing you to my new venture. My new blog, STANDING TALL, will explore the adventures and confidence we find in the journeys of our lives.
Sharing myself with you all in Out of the Fryingpan has given me immeasurable pleasure. To my faithful followers: I am inviting you to join me on this new, exciting adventure.

We all have within us the potential for tremendous strength through adversity, directing that strength is how we build confidence and a feeling of self-worth. 

Please join me at
and do sign up to receive my posts in your Inbox.  When you submit your email address you will receive a request to confirm that request.  It should be smooth and simple, and after that it will all happen automatically!

I look forward to your comments, suggestions, advice... and to sharing this next adventure with you!

Stay healthy and safe!

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