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Sorry everyone!  I forgot an important piece of information regarding The Plan.  As you have probably noticed, we’re ramping up on good-for-you fats – seeds, nuts and avocado.  We’re also using olive oil in a number of applications, such as what follows.
The benefits of citrus oils have long been recognized.  In fact, for generations Latin Americans have recommended squeezing the juice from citrus with your hands rather than using reams or other  mechanical devices, as they believe it allows more of the citrus zest oils to fall into the extracted juices and thus, into the foods to be consumed.  Some research has found that consuming just a tablespoon of citrus zest (which contains the all-important oils) can decrease the chance of getting skin cancer by 50%.  That is HUGE, in my opinion!!  So I’ve started adding zest of any sort to a good portion of my recipes.  It really enhances flavor, and by using a rasp zester, it’s easy to do.  So, as a flavor enhancer to the steamed broccoli and salads, drizzle on some citrus oil.  
Remove strips of zest from an orange or lemon and allow to soak in 1 cup of olive oil for a couple of days…  I just leave the zest in as I use the oil which gets the “best” of the zest into the olive oil while you’re using it.  Drizzle as needed.  I often squeeze in a bit of the corresponding juice for more flavor.  I should have included this bit of information in my last post to allow for its use on Day 1.  

Following is my diary of what I consume on The Plan.
Day 1 has been exceptional, where timing is concerned, since on many days I don’t get a chance to fit in Lunch, much less a snack. This day I managed to fit in lunch, but no snack.  The timing of my meals depends a great deal on the schedules of others…  I have care staff visiting me.  I do, however, encourage you to attempt to eat the menus as listed, so as to give yourself the best chance for success possible!
My Plan Diary, continued…
Day 1 – Start weight 178.0 lbs
Breakfast: 1 cup flax granola, Silk almond-flavored beverage over the granola, a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, ground flax seed, vanilla, sliced strawberries, small handful of raspberries. 2 large glasses lemon water
Lunch: 1 lg. Mug Carrot-ginger soup, sprinkled with small handful pumpkin seeds
2 Lg glasses water.  1 cup Dandelion Tea
Supper: Sautéed Kale with Vegetables, with a couple of tablespoons Spicy Coco sauce

Day 2 – 178.6 lbs
OK, day two, disaster strikes for me…  I’ve become ill and have no energy and no appetite.  So, I make do the best I can.  My analysis of my overnight weight gain is not enough water on day one.  Although 0,6 lbs is not huge, it's enough to signal something's not quite right, and if you compound that each day, suddenly you have weight gain that you don't notice so much and don't know where it came from, hence, the scale becomes your data-gathering tool.  I detest being sick, everything gets thrown off kilter.  I’m not able to eat breakfast or lunch (Ms Recitas stresses on this plan, it is absolutely necessary to eat according to the menu plan with little, or no variation.  But, I’ve decided to do my best with what I’ve learned from my first time on The Plan.
So, I have ½ an apple for an afternoon snack and Carrot-Ginger soup, sprinkled with sunflower seeds for supper and up my intake of water and dandelion Tea.
Darned if I’m not hungry in the evening!  I’m no longer accustomed to eating in the evening, I ditched that bad habit years ago.  I indulge in a toasted cheese sandwich with butter!!  That did the trick, but leaves me dreading the morning’s weigh-in, and vowing, if I feel better, to plug in Day 2 Menu and continue on.

Day 3 dawns with me feeling no better,
Weight --    176.6 lbs (surprise!!!)  Down two pounds!!
I skip breakfast, against my better judgment and plan to follow yesterday’s route, the best I can.  Having no appetite again, I load up on water and Dandelion Tea, but, eat no lunch and have ½ an apple and a small handful of almonds for an afternoon snack.  If I’m feeling better tomorrow I’ll plug in day 2’s menu.  But, here’s the Menus and recipes for Days 3 & 4.

Day 3 is the last on the detox portion of The Plan, and Day 4 we will test cheese, chocolate and wine.  Since you’ve cleansed your body of unwanted toxins, your system will more readily “sensitize” to unfriendly foods.  If chocolate and wine were part of your everyday life before this test and you were suspicious of them causing weight gain and feelings of unwellness, this test will “tell the tale”.  But, remember, you won’t have to cut them out of your life completely!
Breakfast: 1 cup flax granola topped with Silk or other acceptable beverage, 1 cup blueberries and other suggested toppings. You can also replace the blueberries with1/2 diced pear (men can use a full pear)
Lunch: chopped baby Romaine (often referred to as Little Gem) topped with pumpkin seeds, ¼ avocado and shredded or jullienned carrots. Drizzle with citrus oil
Snack: (for women) 10-12 raw almonds (only if you weren’t reactive to them in Day 2) OR use ½ pear or apple

Day 4
Continue your morning routine as on the cleanse, so you can be alerted to changes in your body.
Breakfast: Same as previous day
Lunch:  leftover Roasted Italian winter vegetables
Snack: carrot sticks with up to 6 Tablespoons made Hummus

1 orange
dried Italian herbs
2 portions boneless, skinless chicken breast (one portion is 4-6 oz for women and 6-8 oz for men)
          Wash the orange thoroughly and zest, try not to get any of the white pith, as it is quite bitter. You should have about 2 Tablespoons. Sprinkle chicken breasts liberally with Italian herb seasoning and then orange zest. Bake in350 F oven 20 to 30 minutes, depending of thickness of the breasts.
Makes 2 servings

If you’ve never roasted veggies before, I’m sure you’re going to appreciate the flavor and simplicity. This recipe is similar to one I make regularly, that I’ve credited to Pete Luckett, from his first cookbook.  So, you see, this Plan isn’t so far removed from the everyday!!  You can introduce this recipe to your family feeling like a chef, and add another yummy side dish to your repertoire. These veggies are a perfect complement to any roast meat dinner. Try to cut the vegetables into similar-sized pieces so they cook evenly. According to Ms Recitas, “there is something about the combination of these vegetables that offsets the potential problems (weight gain) and Brussels sprouts (higher reactivity and gas).”  The roasting concentrates the natural sugars in the vegetables, resulting in an incomparable sweetness!
3 lg. Carrots, peeled and chopped into large pieces
1 lg. (but, not over-sized) zucchini
1 med. Onion
4-5 fresh garlic cloves
3 tablespoons olive oil
Italian herbs (I use the same dried Italian herb Seasoning used in the above chicken recipe).
While oven preheats to 375F, toss with herbs and olive oil and let stand 30 minutes.  Roast for 30 minutes.  I let them stand a bit and serve while still warm. You’ll need to save some for Day 4 lunch (Good Luck with that!).
Makes 4 yummy servings

2 cups drained, well-cooked or low sodium or canned chickpeas, liquid reserved
¼ cup olive oil, plus more for drizzling
2 cloves garlic, peeled
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 tablespoon ground cumin, or to taste, plus more for garnish
juice of 1 lemon
chopped fresh parsley, plus a sprinkling for garnish
Put everything, except parsley in a food processor and begin to process, adding chickpea liquid as needed to produce a smooth purée.
Taste and adjust seasonings (you may want to add more lemon juice).  Serve drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with more cumin and some chopped parsley.
Makes 8 to 10 servings

Stay healthy and safe!

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