Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sharing Lessons from Our Past

While we’re on the subject of healthy, happy living, why not take some time to think back through our lives about things we learned in the past… Not ALL information we are currently being exposed to is absolute. There are bits and bobs of  stuff we learned or experienced as children, or young adults that can certainly help us now.
        I will give you as an example I have been staying with my sister for a little while and she recently bought a small pack of red raspberries… We’ve all been told berries are a key to health and that, so far, is still correct, however, my point is: in tasting one it took me straight back to our childhood,  picking wild raspberries on the road to our summer cottage.  We didn’t know, then all the relatively new-fangled “stuff” about antioxidants being vital to our well-being… All we knew then was that they tasted great and tasted like more, So off we’d go looking for more of the wild stuff and we found them, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. We’d pick and devour as fast as we could. We were given good knowledge early on, about these little wild gems of all description and many other tidbits of wisdom, as we’d learned from our father, whom I’ve introduced in other posts.. He was brought up at a British –sponsored Boys’ Farm School in a once-relatively remote area of Vancouver island, and had the chance to forage wilderness and experience first-hand the joys of discovering many of these wild gems, and he passed these experiences on to us. So, we weren’t filling our faces with them because some doctor or scientist hammered us with the “good” these treasures contain. We knew about them simply from our father’s experience AND because we seemed to know instinctively that since they tasted so darned good, they MUST be good for us!
        While I certainly don’t discount the findings of some of our scientific geniuses, and I do research and apply many of their findings, I also scan back to some of what I’ve learned as a child.
        AND I encourage everyone else to hearken back to things from days past and how those memories could be applied today. Did we learn more than we thought? I don’t mind saying that my childhood and teen years were spent in the 60’s &70’s (since I shared my 50th birthday thoughts in an earlier  post, I guess you all can do the math, so it’s no great secret). My point being that some of the information being researched in those decades has been found to be a bit dodgy, at the very least, likely what we learned from our parents’ experiences may not have had scientific backing, at least not then.
Stay healthy and safe!

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  1. So true! My brother and I would say the same goes for wild blueberries! We used to pick berries in the woods at Cdn. Forces Base Petawawa, ON! Such good memories! And I mean-GOOD! Muffins and pies! Penny xoxo