Thursday, November 8, 2012

What’s in a Name?

     I suppose you’ve been thinking, “What’s with that Blog name? Sure, it ties in nicely with my passion for cooking But, it’s not that!!! For those who may not know, a Blog is the name given to a Web Log, generally written by an individual or individuals writing and /or commenting on specific topics. But, for me it’s not just the topics I write about, but how I ended up being able to do such writing and commenting, either on my web log or others’.   But, I am the woman you’ve been introduced to through this Blog largely because of my father. And, no, he has not passed… he’s still teaching my sister and I from lessons he has learned (mostly, the hard way, I might add) and, we’re still learning; The learning in our family just never seems to end, I should and am grateful for that. He also has a beautiful grandson (who’s more like me than my sister, his mother), and then he has his three three great-grandsons to whom he can continue to pass along his “hard-learned” wisdom and you can take the word wisdom quite literally. 
Dad has always said to me, “Can’t you learn from me? I’ve been through it” I guess you can see how that cycle goes. Goodness, my little boys have quite a trip on their hands! My dad is a very wise man. And THIS is where the phrase comes in.
Throughout my life, thus far I’ve insisted on doing absolutely everything my way,  which Dad always says is the hard way, Why don’t I always know that before I start something??
            He loves to remind me how I constantly “get myself “ out of the frying pan, only to find myself right, smack dab in the middle of the blazing fire So, it begs the question, can I start better learning practices now as I’m getting older?  In some ways, I hope not, because I’ll miss half the fun!! And, have far less to share with all of you.

Seriously?... You can’t expect me to teach them, can you?  I’M STILL LEARNING! So, when any of them make the giant leap Out of the Fryingpan, I’ll be right there in the fire waiting on them ( haha… See what I did there?)  Or perhaps, they’ll all choose to listen to Dad the first time around, Yeah, Right!!
My dad is a very wise man. And THIS is where the phrase comes in.                                                                          Stay healthy and safe!                                                                 Sandra

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